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Hi Polyglots! 😃

Welcome to the Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo learning page!

You will find below many free resources to learn and practice this language.

Enjoy your learning journey with Polyglot Club! 😊

Facts about Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo[edit | edit source]

  • Language code (ISO 639-3): gax
  • Autonyms (how to write "Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo" in Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo): Afaan Borana
  • Other names for "Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo": Afan Oromo, Southern Oromo, Booran, Boraan, Boraana, Boran, Oromo ("Galla", "Galligna", "Gallinya")
  • The Borana-Arsi-Guji Oromo language is spoken in: Ethiopia

Southern Oromo, or Afaan Oromoo (after one of its dialects), is a variety of Oromo spoken in southern Ethiopia and northern Kenya by the Borana people.

The dialects are Borana proper (Boran, Borena), possibly Arsi (Arussi, Arusi) and Guji (Gujji, Jemjem) in Ethiopia and, in Kenya, Karayu, Salale (Selale), Gabra (Gabbra, Gebra).

Videos[edit | edit source]

Qubee Afaan Oromo - Learn Oromo alphabets - Ethiopia[edit | edit source]

Lesson 1 Alphabet : Learn Afaan Oromoo Through English[edit | edit source]

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