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Useful Belize Kriol Phrases[edit | edit source]

English Belize Kriol English
All right. Aarite.
are going to swim in the salt water. gwen swim ina salt wata.
Are you from Belize? You da Belize?
Are you hungry? Let’s go to eat somewhere. Yuh hungry? Make we eat someweh.
Believe me. Fu tru.
Children Pikni
Come here (Let’s meet up). Pull up!
Do you have cigarettes? You got whites?
Everything’s fine. Evryting gud/aarite.
Get the hell out of here! Haul your rass!
Girl / Boy Gyal / Bwoi
Good morning! Gud maanin!
Good. Nice / Rich
How much does this cost? How much fi dis?
I love Belize! Mi love Bileez!
I’m telling you. Ah deh tell you.
I’m tired. Ah tayad/mi tayad
Let me try again. Make I try again.
Lets go to ______. Les go da ______
My name is… Mi naym da…
Really? (Is that right?) Fu chroo?
See you later. Lata!
Sometime in the near future. (Does not mean right now.) Right now.
To do something right now and to do it correctly and completely. Get it done one time.
To take advantage of. Yu di chaans mi.
We just reached the location. We done de reach.
What on earth! Cho!
What time is it? Da weh time?
What’s up, girl? Weh gaan ahn gyal?
What’s up? Weh di gaan an?
What’s your name? Weh yuh naym?
Where are you at? Weh ye deh?
Where are you going? Weh you gwein?
Where is…? Weh/weh-paat…
Oh my! / exclamation of annoyance or impatience. Cho!
You’re doing well? Yuh aarite?

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