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Bashkir Grammar - Negation

Hi Bashkir learners! 😊
In this lesson, we will discuss "Negation," which means "the opposite of something." In Bashkir, negation plays a vital role in sentence construction. Learning negation will help you to understand the negation patterns that exist in Bashkir sentences. Once you understand the negation pattern, it will be easy for you to negate any sentence.

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Negation in Bashkir[edit | edit source]

Negation can be expressed in Bashkir in several ways, including the use of the negative particle "һич," which means "not" in English. We use this particle in several contexts to negate a sentence.

Let's first learn how to build negative sentences using the negative particle "һич." We can use this particle in two ways:

1. By adding "һич" before the verb.

Let's take a few examples to make it more clear:

Bashkir Pronunciation English
Мин утында ирәһем. Min u-tyn-da i-re-hem. I will come home.
Мин утында һич ирәһәм. Min u-tyn-da һich i-re-hәm. I will not come home.

2. By adding "һич" after the verb "ыйгар" or "югар."

"| Бул яваҡтың тамамланмаһы һич югар." means "This work will never finish."

Now, let's talk about how to negate a sentence when the verb is not present in the sentence. Here, we use the negative particle "йыймый."

"| Билдеге яшәй былмый"; means "No one lives here."

Dialogue[edit | edit source]

To better understand negation in Bashkir, let's have a dialogue between two friends:

  • Рәмиль: Сәләмәтле. (Sälemätle.) - (Hello.)
  • Аҫҡар: Сәләмәтле. Кайсынарсыз? (Sälemätle. Qaysınar-sız?) - (Hello. How are you?)
  • Рәмиль: Мин ярыймый итәм. (Min yaryymy itäm.) - (I am not running.)
  • Аҫҡар: Аңламыймыш. Не булғанһығыҙ? (Añlamıymış. Ne bulğanığız?) - (I see. What happened?)
  • Рәмиль: Басым һич итмәйт. (Basıм һich itmäyt.) - (I have a headache.)

Negation in questions[edit | edit source]

To ask a question in the negative form, we use the particle "һич" at the beginning of the sentence.

For example:

"| Һич кемејәк тәшәрән ебәргәтегеҙми?" means "Are you going to eat nothing?"

Summary[edit | edit source]

In this lesson, we covered negation in Bashkir. We learned about the negative particle "һич" and how to use it to negate a sentence. You also learned how to create negative sentences when the verb is not present in the sentence. Furthermore, we discussed negation in questions using the particle "һич" at the beginning of the sentence.

To improve your Bashkir Grammar, you can also use the Polyglot Club website. Find native speakers and ask them any questions!

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