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أ ب ت
الحيوانات بالعربيه

اللغة العربيه تعد من اهم واقدم اللغات حول العالم

The Arabic Language is one of the most important and oldest languages around world.

Here is Arabic vocabulary about animals

The animals names أسماء الحيوانات
a penguin بطريق 
a Bear دب
a Bird عصفور/طائر
a Cat قط/هر
a Cow بقرة
a Crocodile تمساح
a Deer أيِّل/ظبي/أنثى الغزال
a Dog كلب
a Dolphin دولفين
a Donkey حمار
a Dragon تنين
a Duck بطة
a Elephant فيل
a Fish سمكة/سمك
a Fox ثعلب
a Gazelle غزال/ظبي
a Giraffe زرافة
a Goat ماعز
a Hedgehog قنفذ
a Hind أنثى الأيِّل/أنثى الغزال
a Hippopotamus فرس النهر
a Horse حصان
a Jellyfish قنديل بحر
a Kangaroo كنغر
a Leopard فهد
a Lion أسد
a Locust جراد
a Monkey قرد
a Mountain goat ماعز جبلي
a Mouse فأر
a Parrot ببغاء
a Penguin بطريق
a Rabbit أرنب
a Rat جرذ
a Shark سمكة قرش
a Sheep خروف
a Snail حلزون
a Spider عنكبوت
a Tiger نمر
a Turtle سلحفاة
a Walrus حصان بحر
a Whale حوت
a Wolf ذئب
a Zebra حمار وحشي
an Elephant فيل
an Octopus أخطبوط
an Ostrich نعامة
an Owl بومة

Expressions using Animals words[edit | edit source]

  • English: An army of sheep led by a lion would defeat an army of lions led by a sheep. Arabic: [to complete]
  • English: An old lion will be mocked by the dogs. Arabic: [to complete]
  • English: Better to be a free dog than a caged lion. Arabic: [to complete]
  • English: The lion said: I am the best one to take care of my business. Arabic: [to complete]

Videos[edit | edit source]

You will be able to learn spelling and pronounciation by watching this nice video for kids!

Another video

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GEO-MOHAMED Alienemma2


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