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Mi nombre es Alejandro, soy de Uruguay y vivo en Montevideo. Les doy la bienvenida a "Uruguay NETWORK HOME". Por cualquier duda o consulta estoy disponible!. Próximamente se organizarán actividades. Nos vemos pronto!.


My name is Alejandro, Im from Uruguay and Im living in Montevideo. I welcome you to "Uruguay NETWORK HOME". I'm available for  any questions you have.  Activities  will be available shortly.  See you  soon!.



diegoplanchesteiner profile picture diegoplanchesteinerSeptember 2012
Hey I am back again, willing to keep on learning English. Feel free to contact me.
Hector-Freire profile picture Hector-FreireMay 2016
Hi, i need to learn English, some can help me?
SantiagoFB profile picture SantiagoFBSeptember 2016
Hi, I am from Uruguay, I need to practice my Greek and German!!
XGxZX profile picture XGxZXAugust 2016
Hola, soy de Uruguay y me encantaría hablar con alguien que quiera aprender mi lengua y yo la de él.
LeticiaNavarro profile picture LeticiaNavarroJuly 2016
Hi! everybody I'm from Uruguay, I want to learn English as my second language
jgsegovia profile picture jgsegoviaJuly 2016
Hi Hector, I need the same. I hope someone can help us.
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