Let's practice speaking!

  • Date: Jul 12, 2013
  • Time: 19:00
  • Address: Address visible for attendees
  • Phone number: 8033181038

Let's meet up, get out of the summer heat, have a few drinks and practice speaking the languages we're learning :)


All are welcome.

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jessica_zelda profile picture jessica_zeldaSeptember 2013
Hi guys, this is the admin for Texas, I am currently enrolled in Arabic this semester if there is anyone who is fluent in Shaami ( Syrian and Lebanese arabic ) PLEASE message me i need help I am also willing to help in spanish, english , and french !
  • Malghamri profile picture MalghamriJuly 2017
    I'm a native arabic speaker, and I want some help in my English tho if you would like let me know to attend
Polyglot2012 profile picture Polyglot2012March 2014
I might attend, I'm fluent in Spanish and I can hold a French conversation somewhat!
rjappel profile picture rjappelJuly 2013

I can hold a conversation in Spanish, but not yet in Italian.  Is anyone that's coming to Halcyon on Friday working on or fluent in Spanish or Italian?

jordanrivell profile picture jordanrivellJuly 2013
I'm down! Any mandarin speakers planning to attend?
BrianP92 profile picture BrianP92July 2013
When would this be? and what languages are you all learning?
Vivi29 profile picture Vivi29July 2013
I would like to come but I am wheel-less. Maybe you could propose a skype meeting sometime, or oovoo.
vincent profile picture vincentJuly 2013
Thanks for proposal