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Florie-AnneMarc profile picture Florie-AnneMarcDecember 2013
Hi! I'm Belgian and I speak french. I will speak english with an American people! It will be cool!! Write me soon please!! Bizzzzzz
Ali911 profile picture Ali911November 2013
Hi everyone !
I can chat with you in English anyone would like to be friend I will be happy .
Tacka profile picture TackaNovember 2013
Hi! I'm learning English and want to find friend) I can help you with Russian if you want)
JoseFranco profile picture JoseFrancoNovember 2013
Hi, I would like to practice English with someone, please anyone who can help me?
AntiBook profile picture AntiBookNovember 2013
Hi all. i learn English. May be somebody can help me.
Thommy_black profile picture Thommy_blackNovember 2013
it's so bored see you