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  • EStarr96 profile picture EStarr96February 2014
    Hi Madinka! I'm Polish and I learn English at my highschool. If you want we can write or speak in the language.
Yelenalllllllll profile picture YelenalllllllllJanuary 2014
Привет. Хочу изучить английский. С удовольствием обучу русскому. Hi. I want to learn english. I can teach russian language.
Anastasia_mark profile picture Anastasia_markJanuary 2014
всем привет, я из России и готова помочь в изучении русского языка, сама бы хотела изучить английский. готова связаться в скайпе: markuha natty. я буду рада любым людям, из россии или любой другой страны, если тоже собираетесь учить английский, можно будет учить вместе) Hello, I'm from Russia and ready to help in the study of Russian language, she would like to learn English. ready contact on Skype: markuha natty;'ll be glad to any people of Russia or any other country, if also want to learn English, you can learn together)
partenopeo82 profile picture partenopeo82January 2014
mi propongo come insegnamento lingua italiana
partenopeo82 profile picture partenopeo82January 2014
buon pomeriggio chi vuole insegnarmi a parlare inglese?
Aghileswantlearnen profile picture AghileswantlearnenDecember 2013
i'm algerian i speack french and i want to improve my english , and get some friends ^^
ManonMamyNova profile picture ManonMamyNovaDecember 2013
HEllo guys ! I search many people around the world for improve my english and get acquainted. I'm a french girl and I am very curious of traditions and culture of others countries. If you want share with me, go MP ! =)