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Nayib profile picture Nayib   
Salam! I am new to this website. I am looking to find Afghan to teach my 10 year old daughter learn Pushto!
    October 2012
mba_123 profile picture mba_123   
Count on me for Practising English via Skype or in Person , message me
    October 2012
Eleniitabtr profile picture Eleniitabtr   
Hi! My name is Elena and I'm from Spain and looking for people to talk in English
    June 2012
getoutium profile picture getoutium   
Je voudrais parler en le francais et l'allemand avec quelqu'un. Merci bien!
    August 2012
FranceDuffoo profile picture FranceDuffoo   
Hello all, I am from America. I am looking for penpals (females) all over the world to correspond and be friends with!
    September 2012
  • McKayla profile picture McKayla   
    Hello! I'd like to be your penpals if you don't mind the difference in age (I'm 47!) What do you think?...
      October 2012
saad577 profile picture saad577   
hello everyone I would like practice my english please who want that i await your reply
    June 2012
polyglot4peace profile picture polyglot4peace   
I am Polish american and looking for some translation help with my family's history like birth certificates and stuff. Any polish natives wanna help?
    October 2012