Free French Conversation WORKSHOP with Ruth

Le français, ça ouvre des portes et donne des ailes !

A free French conversation workshop hosted by Ruth.

Ask at the library's front desk for directions to Community Room-B.

Let's have a conversation in French! Join us as high-intermediate and advanced speakers work on our French conversational skills. We look forward to seeing your progress as each week passes by.


Jean-Philippe is the coordinator of several additional French conversational groups. He usually has the following weekly schedule:

- French Mondays: Join the Frenchies for a big multi-French-meetup party (an average of 7 meetup groups together).

- Wednesday afternoons, as mentioned above, for high-intermediate and advanced French speakers at the 53rd Street Library at 18 West 53rd Street, between 5th and 6th Avenue, across the street from MoMA, the Museum of Modern Art.

- Fridays with French-Morrocan parties and/or International Clubbing at Cellar Bar

- Fridays clubbing at SkyRoom, free entry

If you don't receive automatic notifications about our events each week, check your email settings.

Merci et bises à toutes et à tous !


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