Mundo Lingo (Manhattan 1 #92)

We host weekly language exchanges. Our guests come from different backgrounds (local and international) to practice languages, learn about cultures and make new friends. This is NOT a dating event, any member who acts inappropriately will be asked to leave.

Our guests are a mix of New York natives and foreigners from different countries who meet every week to socialize in different languages.

: : : : : The Event : : : : :

-Always free. Please support our venue with a minimum one drink purchase. Two drinks recommended if you stay more than one hour.

-Arrive from 6PM and later. Flags are given out until 9PM (Happy hour drink specials are available from 6 - 7 PM)

-All languages and ALL levels welcomed.

-Age 21+ (It's a venue with alcohol. No exceptions. Please bring a valid I.D.)

-We take pictures at the event! You can pose and smile or keep chatting. Either one is fine!

All that we ask is that you bring a smile and an openness to meet others. Most of our guests come alone, so don't worry if you are by yourself, we are warm and shy friendly!

At the event, we give you stickers of national flags to show what languages you speak. Native language goes at the top, weakest language at the bottom.

We promote Mundo Lingo NYC events through various means online, and in person, so do not be discouraged by the amount of RSVPs on this Meetup event. Join our Mundo Lingo NYC Facebook group for photos, discussions, announcements, and special events.

: : : : : Location : : : : :

Sweet and Vicious. It's a 5 Spring Street, New York, NY. You can take the 6 train to Spring St, R or W to Prince St, or the J train to Bowery, and walk. You may also walk from the Canal St station to go here.

Sweet and Vicious is a hip bar with a wide space and a heated outdoor patio. Our members will have the option of hanging out indoors or having conversations in the patio in our events.

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