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Os invitamos a un intercambio de idiomas por Zoom donde los nativos de inglés y de español practicamos los dos idiomas 45 minutos en español, 45 en inglés. Trataremos una gran variedad de temas. Lo que pasa es que siempre los tratamos desde el punto de vista bíblico. Si no conocéis la Biblia, no os preocupéis. Simplemente, compartid vuestras opiniones. Nos reunimos a las 9:00 am hora central de EE.UU. (hora de Chicago)

contraseña: 913582

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Learner2020 profile picture Learner2020August 2020

Great! United States Central Time is Chicago time. If you go to the world clock on the internet, you can type in Chicago, and it will give you the time. You'll then know what time in your country. We're all in different time zones, so I just give the time zone I'm in. First 40 minutes is in Spanish only. Second 40 minutes in English only. Looking forward to meeting you! We meet tomorrow (Wednesday)

1kazuza profile picture 1kazuzaAugust 2020
Now, I can get access in the room. Thanks! How about the time? Is Central US time equal GMT -5? My time zone is GMT -3...
Learner2020 profile picture Learner2020August 2020

Is it possible you entered a zero instead of the letter O? I've copied the information directly from within Zoom, so please try again. We look forward to welcoming you tomorrow at 6:00 pm Central U.S. time. Please let me know, so I can help.

Meeting ID: 791 4805 4691
Passcode: 0spJpb


1kazuza profile picture 1kazuzaAugust 2020

I'd like to join, but the passcode didn't work on Zoom.