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roman-sirotenko profile picture roman-sirotenkoJune 2016
Hello! I would like to learn English with native speaker! I am form Ukraine and I can help you with russian and ukrainian languages!
Arandana profile picture ArandanaMay 2013
Hi everybody! I’m French. I'm planning to live in California for 1 year, from August. I’d be glad to do language exchanges in French/English with Americans. If you’re interested, don’t hesitate to contact me. See you!
mia21 profile picture mia21December 2012
Salut a tous,

Je m'appelle Mia et j'habite au Californie. Je suis allee en France depuis 2 ans et aussi je suis allee a l'ecole la. Malheureusement, je n'ai pas pratique. Allo, je voudrais discuter avec vos.

Merci a tous et Bon Noel.

P.S. Desolee rien l'accent parce que mon clavier est l'american.
  • macherie profile picture macherieJanuary 2013
    Hey, Puaa_Nui. I actually started learning French two and a half years ago in high school and I've been speaking ever since. But there's no way that I'd be at my level if I didn't study outside of class. I haven't tried French at Sierra College because I still go to Roseville High, but I definitely want to take it in college. I've been wanting to go to the Alliance Francaise de Sacramento, but I hate to burn all of that gas trying to go all they way there, but I plan on taking classes there this summer. You should definitely look into taking classes there because they're really organized, and plus it'd be a good way, if you want to, to reach fluency in French. Best of Luck,aliyakeys
  • mia21 profile picture mia21January 2013
    Puaa_Nui- Aloha! I've been in France for 2 years and halves. So, I've tried to learn French while I am there, at the same time I am learning also English. So, I have had an opportunity to speak with French person. And also, I've been to Alliance Francais in Nice, France. Sorry, I don't know about Sacramento. Besides, I've been here for 5 months ago so I am not familiar this area. I hope I answer your question. Please feel free to ask me that would be my pleasure to answer you. Thanks
  • Puaa_Nui profile picture Puaa_NuiJanuary 2013
    Aloha, How'd you pick up French? I tried a few semesters at Sierra College in Rocklin, but it's hard to practice here. Have you visited the alliance français in Sacramento?
  • macherie profile picture macherieJanuary 2013
    Bonjour!!! Où habitez-vous? J'habite de la Californie du Nord, prés de Sacramento. Je suis trés contente parce que personne ne dit rien dans ce network. Mais vous parlez très bien le français. Êtes-vous allée a l'université en France? C'était trés jolie là? Excusez-moi, mais je suis trés interessé entre la France parce que je ne voyage jamais là. Merci.
Daniella98 profile picture Daniella98August 2012
Hi I would love to learn some French please

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