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Welkom bij het United Kingdom Polyglot netwerk!

We have many members, please expand your network, practice the language, or find friends to talk with.

We are having (almost) monthly meetings in City of London. Please check just below comment wall or City of London page for the latest meetup if you are interested in it. Also feel free to contact us should you have any question, opinion!

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Katshep6 profile picture Katshep6March 2009
Hi! I'm actually trying to learn Gaelic (English is my frist language). Both my husband and I have celtic backgrounds and are interested in getting back to our roots. If anyone would like to email, that'd be cool. I can also help those hoping to improve their English. I enjoy anything outside- hiking, camping, mountain biking, and gardening. Hit me up if you wanna chat!
ellie77 profile picture ellie77March 2009
hello Im a spanish girl and i would like to improve my english, thanks x
Sergey777 profile picture Sergey777March 2009


Hello, I'm Sergey. I'm a native Russian speaker from Kazakhstan. I have been learning English and I need a help and practice to improve my skills in English. I would like to find a pen pal who is   English speaker to chat via e-mail and learn more about other cultures. I can help you with your Russian, too. I am interested in music, travelling, reading, nature, economics.   Skipe Sergey887767        Sergey777Sergey777 profile picture

Sobradisa profile picture SobradisaMarch 2009
new people...new interests...practice in english...so nice)I think we can help each other.Let's talk. I'm from Russia.
tyrelie profile picture tyrelieMarch 2009
Hello, I am French, I live in Asford and i would like to improve my English. If somebody want to learn French  he/she is  welcome!!!!!!
Cerbst profile picture CerbstMarch 2009
Hi!!! I'm from Russia and I want meet with new people very much!!!!
Virgy profile picture VirgyFebruary 2009
Hi! i am from spain and i want to learn english and french.
MaksimMK profile picture MaksimMKFebruary 2009
Hello! My name Maxim. I'm from Russia. I want to find foreign friends.Let's introduce!!))