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Witamy w United Kingdom Sieci Polyglot!

We have many members, please expand your network, practice the language, or find friends to talk with.

We are having (almost) monthly meetings in City of London. Please check just below comment wall or City of London page for the latest meetup if you are interested in it. Also feel free to contact us should you have any question, opinion!

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sestrichkichernichki profile picture sestrichkichernichkiNovember 2013
Hi! My name is Marria. I'm from Ukraine. I want to practise my English.
samdavid profile picture samdavidDecember 2013
Hey im sam I speak Farsi and Arabic fluently and I want to learn English
sestrichkichernichki profile picture sestrichkichernichkiNovember 2013
I'm looking for a boy or a girl for communication. I want to practise my English and help with Russian and Ukrainian.
Daria_A profile picture Daria_ANovember 2013
hi! I'm from Russia and I'm looking for new for new friends to communicate with=)