Exchange All Languages! (No.6)

Polyglot Exchange All Languages! (No.6) - practice languages you are learning  and mingle with people who are keen on learning languages.

Greetings to the Polyglot Community in London!

This is the  6th offline-meeting for those who can meet up in the heart of City of London to exchange as many languages as you can, or to mingle with people who study foreign languages!

As usual, anyone can join. Please feel free to pop in, have a chat and make friends, mingle with people who are keen on learning languages. There is no restriction as long as you have any language to learn.

Please do register if you intend to come so that we can book the venue for appropriate area. Please check  out the map if you think you  might  get lost.

Here's summary:
Date :  Friday, 28th of March
Time : 18:30 onwards
Venue :
Loose Cannon
Address :
13-16 All Hallows Lane, London EC4R 3UL
Nearest station : Cannon Street, Bank, Mansion House, Monument tube station
* Nearest station is Cannon Street Station, but you can walk from Mansion House, Bank, Monument tube stations. It's behind Cannon Street Station. Go right side of Cannon Street Station and across Upper Thames Street, then turn to left to the other side of under the train-bridge, then turn to the right. You should be able to see the bar : Loose Cannon.
Fee :
No fees (You need to pay for what you drink/eat)

And for directions, here's a map:

If you are planning to come, the please do register including number of people you would bring,  also it would be very helpful if you  let me know that you're putting an ad of this event elsewhere so that I can confirm (or at  the very least to guess)  number of people coming to make sure the venue can accommodate us.  Thank you! :-)

If you are concerned about your skill to get lost easily, please drop me a line. I can contact you to make sure you know where to go.

They talk about us!

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T0shi profile picture T0shiMarch 2008

Hi taylorbelle,
I understand your point and I've seen the event posted by you in November - how was that? If it didn't attract people and if you are planning to have another go, let's advertise more. I will corporate. Please do let me know.

Hi Romansas,
It was very nice to see many people turned up, wasn't it? Hope we can have even more people in next meeting. Thank you very much for coming and glad to see you.

Hi Dave,
Yes, of course I will try to let you know more earlier for next one. Please keep an eye on this website and hope you can make it next time.

To all who joined on the last Friday :
Thank you verymuch for joining. We had around 20 people got together enjoying pint and conversations. This meeting can have two meanings. One to have conversation in language you are learning (which is hopeful purpose), and two to migle with people to expand our humand network. Even though we are connected through certain interest (in this case - languages), we have more different aspects which you need to explorer and it would be great if you can connect based on not only languages, but also on other interests.

I will arrange another go in April - which I'm hoping on Friday, 25th. Please keep checking this website!


Dave_1957 profile picture Dave_1957March 2008

I was away from home for two days and did not receive the invitation until after the meeting had taken place. Would it be possilbe to provide slightly longer notice of future meetings, please?

Thank you.

Romansas profile picture RomansasMarch 2008
It was great or maybe it was fantastic, or everyone who was knows the answer :)
taylorbelle profile picture taylorbelleMarch 2008
I wish this meeting was more local to me as I live in Kent and do not feel comfortable travelling home late on the train.
T0shi profile picture T0shiMarch 2008
It's currently 17 people if all of us can turn up!

To all,

Hope to see you there!

At the same time, if you need to contact me, please call the bar : 0207 283 1505 and ask Toshi (They know my name :-) ).
T0shi profile picture T0shiMarch 2008

Merci, Vince. Will see how it goes :-)

vincent profile picture vincentMarch 2008
mailing sent to all the members in UNITED KINGDOM

about 4500 members


pat profile picture patMarch 2008
Great move, Toshi! ONLY 6 days advance notice might NOT be enough, but you already have a 6 participants registered, so I guess it's a success! Enjoy =)