World Citizens Friday Social @ Private Location (Read the COVID rules!)

  • Date: Jun 11, 2021
  • Time: 19:30
  • Address: Address visible for attendees

RSVP does not grant admission. For a safer, improved, more comfortable experience, we now require an application for a free ticket at We change locations every week and the exact place will be e-mailed to admitted ticketholders only.

We're a warm, diverse and supportive community for global people in London who wish to meet, share perspectives and discover new cultures. We plan a range of different activities, including regular socials, dining events, walks, trips, sports, debates and more fun.

- Apply for a free ticket at
- Wait for our email confirming that you have been approved. It will also have the exact meeting location.
- Please maintain social distancing (groups of six) and don't crowd any spot. Stay home if you have symptoms. More COVID-19 rule details below.
- "Hard sell" or any form of promoting to our guests is not allowed.
- We don't tolerate discrimination, harassment or "pushy" behaviour.
Everyone should feel comfortable and treated with respect at our events! :)

When not meeting in person, we're on Whatsapp to discuss life, love, London and the world OR to set up smaller social hangouts amongst our regulars. Please write a DM to "TP" if you'd like to join it with your Whatsapp number.

As lockdowns have started easing, we want to meet in FULL COMPLIANCE with Covid-19 law. We also continue to maintain social distancing and try to follow the "Rule of 6" as much as possible. We will avoid being in one single gathering, but go to larger public areas/neighbourhood and scatter into multiple groups of six to maintain social distancing. Please keep an eye on the latest Covid-19 statistics for London:

*We are a 100% volunteer group, so all participants are liable and responsible to cooperate. Rule-breakers and troublemakers will be removed. You risk being reported for breaking the law if you do not cooperate in following COVID-19 rules!*


More about World Citizens
Are you an expat? Are you looking to find a new community of friends?
Come for a chat, a drink and a jolly good time with like-minded people!

Everybody! Anybody! At World Citizens you can find a mixture of international people, living in - or around - London.
Here you can speak whatever language you want, be as quiet as a mouse, drink anything from tap water to jet fuel… there is no script to follow!

Want to Help?
If you want to be part of the organizational team, we are always looking for committed people to keep the whole thing afloat. We do the best we can, considering we also have full time jobs and organize all this for free and on a voluntary basis.

Despite all care and good intentions, it can happen that event details change. We rely on all members and guests of our community to take initiative and contribute to the positive spirit of each event, and not to always depend on the organizers.
We set up and promote these meetup events on an informal basis. We are not responsible for any damage or inconvenience caused or suffered during the events. We may take photos and videos of you at the events to help promote the event. By attending you agree with all terms of this disclaimer.

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