Babble Language Exchange, Waterloo


We are based at The Wellington pub in Waterloo which is opposite Waterloo station.


We meet every Sunday evening from 18.30 and the event usually comes to a close around 22.30.

Drinks and Food?

The Wellington offers a wide range of drinks and food.

How does it work?

Babble is a language market where everyone has something to contribute. Whatever language you want to practise (unless it's incredibly obscure) will be spoken by a native on a typical Sunday evening. Our hosts look to pair people up with a common language interest and the rest is down to you.

Our ambition is for Babble to become the go-to place on a Sunday night. We know we create a good atmosphere and that people find us helpful, but we want more than that! We want to create a party such that people look forward to Sunday nights, and stay till closing with the aim of extracting the maximum possible joy from their weekend!

To achieve this, we need your help. We need you to engage with us, we need you to arrive with an open mind and a happy smile (which you already do), we need you to invite your friends along and talk about us when you can, we need you to be active on here and our other social media platforms, Twitter ( and Facebook (, with ratings, comments, conversations, suggestions! And in return for all of the above, you get a London home. You get a place where you feel welcome every week, where you meet other people who want the same things as you, where you make friends in a sometimes intimidating city. We’re not exclusive, we don’t need you to be a certain age, nationality or gender, we welcome all-comers and our only requirement is that you do the same.

We look forward to meeting you.

They talk about us!

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