Vegan Molecular Cooking

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If you are looking for an ordinary cookery class, this is not for you.
If you have a creative mind, love multiculturality networking, do not like cooking rules and are passionate about experimenting in the kitchen, you are taking too long to sign up already.

Hi, I'm David. I am the founder of Pencil & Fork Ltd "Learning experiences through food". I am a Chemist certified by Harvard University in Science and Cooking. Having worked and lived in Spain, France, Chile, the US and now the UK, has given me the opportunity to learn from other cultures.
I want to share with you my experience in molecular gastronomy. It blends physics and chemistry to transform the taste and texture of food. The result? New and innovative culinary experiences.
In this tapas dinner workshop you will learn how to experiment with new ingredients, to transform the textures of ordinary food into a more creative one.
Learn how to make airs, foams, hot and cold gels, without missing any flavour. Once you've mastered these, go and create your own ‘molecular tapas‘- simples!

*Tapas menu changes every month

Important note: Because we offer our workshops in different venues and we need a minimu number of participants to run them. You will be notified at least three days in advance about the status of the workshop you booked. We may offer you another venue in case the venue you selected doesn't reach the minimum number, with no obbligation at all.

For Tickets and More Info click here