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Bienvenue dans le Réseau Polyglot Ukraine!


             Welcome to Polyglot Club Ukraine,
the Language Exchange Social Network in Ukraine area! 

The Polyglot Club Community based on this website allows you to learn and practice foreign languages worldwide. Polyglot Club members can share their knowledge and ideas about any language or culture, whether online (Online Exchange) or face-to-face (Offline Exchange).

Polyglot Club Ukraine is open to all regardless of age, gender, socioeconomic status or language level. All users, all countries and all languages (including regional and minority languages) are concerned. 

Polyglot Club Ukraine is also interested in schools, language institutes and higher education institutions. 

If you are a foreigner and want to visit Ukraine or take part in our on-line conferences, please feel free to contact the President of PolyglotClub Ukraine and we will be happy to invite you to our events, show you the city and introduce to you many interesting people! 

If you a citizen of Ukraine and  you want to practice any foreign language, please contact the page of PolyglotClub in your city in order to find new events. If you have any questions about it, please feel free to contact the President of PolyglotClub Ukraine!

If you an active person and a big fan of foreign languages and want to organize languages events in your city  then welcome to our team of PolyglotClub Ukraine. You can send your CV or application directly to  Dominique or on the site in your city!

Here are our main contacts:


President of PolyglotClub Ukraine is Dominique
Her contact information:
phone:   +380988631938  (only whatsapp, viber, telegram, no calls!)
in urgent cases you can ask her questions in FB:

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rajnish_pa profile picture rajnish_paAugust 2019

hello ,i love ukraine and its people .anyone contact me if you like india and indians.i teach hindi for our friendship

mahdi1 profile picture mahdi1April 2018
hi all
I am mehdi from lran and I wanna learn Russian and in return I can help you with my English and my farsi
I am really interested to do it with a cool person and I am sure we can enjoy from our classes
Volodya24 profile picture Volodya24April 2017
Hi, i want to learn English, today my skills pre-intermediate or intermediate. I can to teach you Russian or Ukrainian languages
michael_th profile picture michael_thJuly 2017
Hello, I am a native English speaker that wants to learn Ukrainian language.
LEONORA_MALAI_47 profile picture LEONORA_MALAI_47April 2017
Hello everybody! I study English and French. With pleasure I will help in the study of Russian and Ukrainian. I will be grateful to everyone who wants to cooperate.
MAURO1234 profile picture MAURO1234November 2016
Hello i want to know about ukraine and its language..i will be in contact..

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