Lets meet with English TABOO


Hello english speakers,

I want to invite you one of weekly meeting of English TABOO .

Let's meet there to discover new people lives and improve our english skills.


You can find English TABOO event description below;

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Hello english speakers,

We would pleasure to see you with us in our weekly meetings as member of the English TABOO.
Why do we meet ? 
Answer is simple. It's pretty good to learn new words and also practice English. It helps to improve our language skills by playing taboo. That is why we have chose to play taboo in english. BTW we have different games which a lot of fun really :)

Meeting Point: Kedi Cafe// İzmit ,Kocaeli 

Please join us if you wonder what is going on English TABOO club.

What is Polyglot Club? 
Polyglot is Free Language Exchange Community which has 856,676 members around the World. Members can practice new languages and get help from native speakers free. //polyglotclub.com

Hugs from English TABOO 
Do not hesitate to ask your questions!