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Selamat datang Istanbul Province ke Rangkaian Polygot!

Dear Polyglotcheeky
Welcome to Polyglot İstanbul Network! We are very happy to see you here!

You can be sure you will spend time very well here. There are lots of people to help you whenever you want. Please do not be shy and start connecting with others. Maybe you would like to organise an event in your city or something online. İstanbul Network will be your first supporter in any cool idea. 

Time to discover and improve your language skills wink

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Polyglot İstanbul Ağına Hoşgeldin! Seni burada gördüğümüz için çok mutluyuz!

Burada çok iyi zaman geçireceğinden emin olabilirsin. İstediğin zaman sana yardım edecek çok fazla insan var. Utangaç olma ve başkalarıyla bağlantı kurmaya başla lütfen.
Belki şehrinde ya da çevrimiçi bir ortamda bir etkinlik düzenlemek istersin. İstanbul Ağı, bu konuda her zaman destekçin olacaktır.'u keşfetme ve dil becerilerini geliştirme zamanı geldiwink

İstanbul Yöneticisi

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aysim12 profile picture aysim12February 2014
Hi, I'm looking for a pen pal.
verruckterjunge profile picture verruckterjungeJanuary 2014
hey everybody!If there is someone who can speak german well,please write me.I can also help you who wanna learn english-german.
AytenKeser profile picture AytenKeserDecember 2013
Hello everybody Have a nice day.
senturk profile picture senturkJuly 2012
i need to practice for english and like to meet new friends.
tumay profile picture tumayAugust 2012
  • nusretcakin profile picture nusretcakinDecember 2013
    hi,how are you.we can learn english good or not what you think about that.not easy must be make assingment more but all people want to learn well english but not try

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