Weekly Polyglot Club Tunis Meeting


If you want to discover people from different cultural and linguistic backgrounds and learn languages in a pleasant way, this meeting is made for you.

All languages, All cultures and all ages are welcome. Just come and enjoy it.

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Larbi1995 profile picture Larbi1995   

wonderful meeting friends 

    August 2013
louloustarlette profile picture louloustarlette   
sounds really nice , but i'm wondering if you are really gathering there , cause i'm not seeing any comment here :p
    May 2013
  • louloustarlette profile picture louloustarlette   
    ok that makes sens ! Pics on fb are Amaaaazing thanks for letting me know about the page
      May 2013
  • Kaikwinein profile picture Kaikwinein   
    Well, we really gather in the CAST(there's a mistake in the plan and we cannot fix it because the system doesn't recognise the exact address) ...Actually, no one use the polyglot site in Tunisia but rather the facebook page : "Polyglot Club Tunis"...take a look at it and you will see that it works really very well
      May 2013