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English phrase to TRANSLATE:
Sell a Service
Vote for the best!

Votes: 2
Vendi un servizio

Guidelines for Translations

  • 1. Format
    Please follow the same format that is used in the English version, including punctuation and capitalization.

  • 2. Variables
    (Variables can be numbers, names, discussions or other contents of
    Variables within the brackets are in red, like {1} {2}. Please do not translate the variables.
    English: {1} You have received {2} new messages
    French: {1} Vous avez reçu {2} nouveaux messages

  • 3. Links
    Terms that will become HTML links on webpages are surrounded by brackets and colored red, like: this is [link1][/link1]. You should translate the words colored black, because they will actually be displayed. Please do not translate HTML links that appear in red.
    English: Go to the [link1]main page[/link1].
    French: Aller sur la [link1]page principale[/link1].

  • 4. Do not translate those words
    Words or phrases surrounded by a [notranslate] tag should not be translated.
    English: You can say: "[notranslate]Hej![/notranslate]".
    French: Vous pouvez dire : "[notranslate]Hej![/notranslate]".

  • 5. Formal and informal Translations
    Please submit the formal expression of the item. Avoid slang and impolite expressions.

  • 6. Glossary
    You will find here a Glossary to help you choose the right and consistent words when writing a translation. Please, feel free to edit this glossary with new words and languages.