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beyond_tri profile picture beyond_tri   
I'm Kanya from Thailand.
I want to practice conversation and writing in English. If have anyone could help me, please add me Line : kanyapm
Thank you in Advance
    March 2019
liza_pawie profile picture liza_pawie   
Hey, Everyone, I'm new here, I wanna improve mu=y English, Please help me
    March 2019
KattC profile picture KattC   
Hi Everyone! I am from Taiwan. Currently living and working at Bangkok. If you are into learning Chinese ,feel free to contact me @ Instagram: kubaboooba55 or line: klee0213.
    November 2018
Macario19 profile picture Macario19   
Hi everyone.
I'm stay in Bangkok/Thailand
nice to meet you
    June 2012
wonkzakorn2011 profile picture wonkzakorn2011   
Hi. I'm Thai. I'm from Thailand. I'm new here. I wanna learn new languages such as Spanish, Russian, German, French, Indonesian, etc. Moreover, I wanna find some friends who can talk everything except about SEX!!!. Everyone can be my friends. I'm not strict about your gender.
    June 2012
kaname21 profile picture kaname21   
Hey! I'm new and I come from Thailand. I want to improve my English skill and learn some new langauge like Chinese( Mandarin) and Spanish. Can someone help me? Thanks
    June 2012
aeyja profile picture aeyja   
I am Thai and live in Bangkok. I want to learn speak and write English. Can anyone recommend someone for me? ...Thank you
    February 2012
  • leepic profile picture leepic   
    Yes we can share language discussion back and forth on our sites. That would be good. You can teach me a few Thai words and I can teach you a few English words. Is this okay.
      June 2012