Please arrive 15-20 minutes prior to starting time to get your team together and find seats.

Pub Quiz - a place to show off your knowledge and make everyone jealous of your large brain.
Pub Quiz - 一個地方你可以表現你比你多朋友聰明。

The brain of the average sperm whale weighs in at about 12 kilograms while the average human brain comes in at about 1.2 kilograms. That's ten times as much grey matter!

But when was the last time you saw a sperm whale write a book,start a travel blog, explode itself into space, or make fun of other, uglier animals?

That just goes to show, it's not the size that matters, it's how you use it! So, how good are you at using that pineapple sized lump of goo up there? Are you a grey matter master, or are you just lucky we happened to evolve with thumbs?

Come slam that squiggly, dream meat of yours up against the best and brightest in the first ever: Top Shelf Games Pub Quiz at the fabulous Redpoint Brewing Co Taproom!
來測試一下自己的腦袋跟別的很厲害的人在Top Shelf Games的pub quiz Pk!

Limit: 3-4 brains per team and a total of only 8 teams. Winning team gets a free pitcher on the house and an awesome trophy.
限制: 我們會限制8個隊。每一隊要3-4個人。贏的隊會得到很棒的獎盃+免費的啤酒.

100nt entry fee (not including a drink)
Minimum: 1 drink per person
門票: 100/人 (不包含酒)
抵銷: 1杯飲料

Message the Top Shelf Games Co or Redpoint page to pre-register to make sure you and your team can nab a table before they're gone!
報名方式: 請聯絡Redpoint Brewing Co Taproom或Top Shelf Games Co到你報名!

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