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Welcome to Switzerland Polyglot Network!
Dear Members,

The last polyglot -geneva meeting was held at starbuck rond point de rive and unfortunately it close at 9pm.

However we found a bar in carouge which is quite nice and cosy... the boss of the bar welcome us and will even give a welcome drinks to all the members!!!  So do come and have a chat and get together.

The name of the bar is 19éme  - address 19,rue Ancienne  1227 Carouge.

If u take the tram the stop is place de marcher n walk towards the rondeau de carouge its on the left.

Bring along your friends and hope to se you on Thursday 15th may at 8pm.

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AnaNeuch profile picture AnaNeuchMarch 2017
hi everyone we are still uploading new content https://youtu.be/PSfpzks2b-g
this is on creating a macro using VBA (Visual Basic for Applications )!!
AnaNeuch profile picture AnaNeuchFebruary 2017
hi everyone!
https://youtu.be/JQKAMwCJ_VI new content again feel free to visit and subscribe!
AnaNeuch profile picture AnaNeuchFebruary 2017
hello! new content: R tutorial in French https://youtu.be/wQG4r_5bjJw
AnaNeuch profile picture AnaNeuchFebruary 2017
and please don't forget to subsribe to our channel!
https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1FzsjGws3sJmiZvEYe5AoQ he have more content to come
AnaNeuch profile picture AnaNeuchJanuary 2017
tutoriel avec R
https://youtu.be/flBjkmwmKTQ notre chaine zaq stat (prochaines vidéos avec le logiciel STATA et SPSS...alors abonnez-vous!)
AnaNeuch profile picture AnaNeuchJanuary 2017
lease visit our channel on statistical learning by clicking here: https://http://https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1FzsjGws3sJmiZvEYe5AoQ new playlist: simple linear regression using excel