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Dear Members,

The last polyglot -geneva meeting was held at starbuck rond point de rive and unfortunately it close at 9pm.

However we found a bar in carouge which is quite nice and cosy... the boss of the bar welcome us and will even give a welcome drinks to all the members!!!  So do come and have a chat and get together.

The name of the bar is 19éme  - address 19,rue Ancienne  1227 Carouge.

If u take the tram the stop is place de marcher n walk towards the rondeau de carouge its on the left.

Bring along your friends and hope to se you on Thursday 15th may at 8pm.

Ridwan profile picture Ridwan   
I was in switzerland in 2007 really miss each and every moment spent there
    December 2012
Ridwan profile picture Ridwan   
Hello to Bosnia from India
    December 2012
dmti profile picture dmti   
Hello, I want to perform my English. I can teach you French, I speak fluently.

Tanks =)
    September 2012
wildchild profile picture wildchild   

Hoi! Ich heisse Cindy und ich versuche mein noch jung Deutsch zu üben. Ich kann gut Spanisch und Englisch falls jemand für ein Sprachentausch sich interessiert...

    August 2012
  • wildchild profile picture wildchild   
    Hi Marcel, I'm not sure I'm the right person to "teach" you English, but I certainly can offer myself for practice iand eventually correction if you already have a conversational level. Please let me know by PM.
      September 2012
  • Marcel68 profile picture Marcel68   
    Hello Cindy, I`m Marcel and speach German.Do you can teachm me in Englisch?
      August 2012
dim-dim profile picture dim-dim   



Hello, I can help you with English and Russian ( I'm a native Russian speaker). Besides, I suggest culture exchange. You can find me herehttps://polyglotclub.com/language/english/post/22883

    August 2012
noreenette profile picture noreenette   
Hello ! Je peux apprendre le français et j'aimerais améliorer mon anglais
    August 2012