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ברוך הבא לרשת Zurich של Polyglot!
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Sebi1313 profile picture Sebi1313November 2019


I`m Sebastian ,47 from Zürich, working in Aarau. I`m learning English and search for a spiking partner. on B2 level.

  • marilyn_fl profile picture marilyn_flNovember 2019
    Sorry Sebastian, but I just noticed that German isn't your native language. My German skills are likely as good as yours (I'm at a C1 level). But If you are interested in paying for private lessons here is my website:http://www.english-for-you.ch Maybe I could give you a discount and would be happy to give you a trial lesson.
  • marilyn_fl profile picture marilyn_flNovember 2019
    Hi Sebastian, I'm an English teacher so I could surely help you out. In exchange I'm looking for someone to help me out with German. Let me know if you are interested. Wish you a nice day.
julikred profile picture julikredFebruary 2013
Hey guys! I am Yuliya, moved to Switzerland in July, I'd love to practise some German/Swiss German. I can also speak English and Russian.
Good luck,
lauracas2012 profile picture lauracas2012April 2012
I would like to learn German
lingualflav profile picture lingualflavNovember 2009

  It would be cool to see some meetups! Let's gather!