Flag Tandem party in Umbracle

Here we go......
The Best Tandem, the queen of all language Exchange,
Where normally more then 400 people practice different languages.
Where: in Umbracle ... Time: 23:30 – 01:00,

Entry: Entry is free until 01:00 AND people always have 40% discount on Drinks until 01:00.

Flag Tandem Party?
An Interactive way of Language Exchange and Meet New People.
It is a party where everybody putt he flag of his/her native language and search for the Flag he/she would like to Practice or meet people from.

For example: A Spaniard wants to practice English or meet english people, He puts Spanish flag and search for people with English flag.
Umbracle is going to open just for us at 23h30. And it is reserved from 23h30 – 01:00 just for us
And we will have 40% Discount on drink until 01:00,(Discount just for people with flags)
So please don’t be late if you want to participate in our party!! Please register yourself in this page to get the entry,
Thanks http://www.valencialanguageexchange.com/umbracle-tandem/

See you on Friday