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Animamos a todos los usuarios de Polyglot que vivan en Madrid para que participen activamente en los eventos que llevaremos a cabo.    ¡Será un placer conoceros en persona!

All Polyglot users living in Madrid are invited to participate in our activities.  It will be a pleasure meeting you in person!

¡Hasta pronto! / See you soon!

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KARENKLEE profile picture KARENKLEENovember 2012
Hello, I am learning German and would like to practice with a native speaker. I can speak spanish and english, and would like to practice french too.
franpilgrim profile picture franpilgrimOctober 2012
hola!!i want to practise english, i need it to meet people. try to find me on facebook, francisco gonzález gamo. thanks. I want to learn new languages for example french o italian.
  • franpilgrim profile picture franpilgrimOctober 2012
    hola!!1 hacemos un cambio de tu italiano por mi español? dime como podemos quedar y concoernos y charlar. saludos.
Mary_84 profile picture Mary_84October 2012
Hola, soy italiana y me gustaria mejorar mi español. Si alguien quiere aprender italiano estaria feliz de ayudarle. Saludos
madlen profile picture madlenOctober 2012
MadridBabel invites you to its free international meetings Wednesdays at 20:30 and Sundays at 19:00, both at Café Galdós (Los Madrazo 10 - metro Sevilla). You will practise languages, make new friends and have great fun :-) For more info:
chabe profile picture chabeOctober 2012
hi, I need improve my english, would you like help me?
pablomadrid profile picture pablomadridOctober 2012
hola soy nuevo aqui
shakira1997 profile picture shakira1997October 2012
La verdad no sé como funciona eso. tampoco sé si tiene eficacia. espero no perder el tiempo. gracias



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