EVERY WEDNESDAY we invite you to our great international meeting from 19:00 to 23:00 at TANQUERAY ROOM (calle Silva 4 – metro Callao).

At it you will make new friends in Madrid, practise languages with people from all over the world and have great fun. Its coordinators will welcome you and introduce you to nice people in a very friendly and fun atmosphere.

At the bar you will also find all kind of drinks and delicious food (with FREE TAPAS for everybody during the meeting).

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esturion_b profile picture esturion_bJune 2018
Jolín, ese local es carisimo :P no puedo darme el lujo de ir allí.
madlen profile picture madlenAugust 2013
There will be people from all over the world and you will be able to speak a lot of languages, see you!
Skalden profile picture SkaldenAugust 2013
I would like to go! Are you going to speak more languages or only in english?
madlen profile picture madlenAugust 2012
You will be very welcome, cheers!
secondwindtraveler profile picture secondwindtravelerJuly 2012

We're arriving in Madrid from the US on 05/08. Looking forward to coming on Wednesday, 08/08.