CINEMA Language Exchange with FREE drink

Join us every FRIDAY to watch movies in original version (subtitled in Spanish) at a reduced price for us and one FREE DRINK after the movie for our cinema tickets at El Parnasillo del Príncipe (Príncipe 33) language exchange, so don't throw away your ticket!:
We are a big and international crowd every Friday, you'll find us on the theater door for sure.


If you're Spanish (or not native English speaker), it's the best way to improve your English and have fun at the same time, whilst you meet nice and sociable people, every week.

2 hours-2 places: Cinema (around 20h)•••••>  pub (around 22h).

Irebch profile picture Irebch   
What is the price?
    November 2017
vincent profile picture vincent   
Hi David, just checking, is this event still active ?
best regards,
    September 2017
  • ddavidd profile picture ddavidd   
    Salut, Vincent!
    Sure, every week with lots of people!
      November 2017
vincent profile picture vincent   
Thanks David for proposal
    June 2014