FREE SPANISH CLASS (INTERMEDIATE) Conjugation of verbs in 8 tenses Part 1

Come and pick up some Spanish at Let's Learn Spanish: Español Para Todos.

We are starting this with Colin being the teacher. Colin graduated in Spanish at university and has taught Spanish for many years. You will definitely benefit greatly from this meetup. At this meetup, Colin will teach verbs in present tense, continuous tense, simple past tense, perfect tense, future tense and conditional tense. Subjunctives and imperatives are covered in advanced classes. This session is only intermediate.

Read more about Colin and the sessions here:

Bring writing materials for taking notes.

We are also looking for more Spanish speakers to come and join us to help others learn the language especially at advanced level. Please contact any of our organisers if you are interested to help.




1. Do not consume food not bought from where the meetup if it is held held at a commercial establishment.

2. Buy at least an item from the establishment.

We welcome anyone who is keen to learn a language or help others learn. However, this is NOT the platform for individuals who have other intentions, such as recruiting members for their business or organisation or selling products or services. We will not hesitate to ask such individuals to stop attending our meetups if they have been found to be pestering our members for such purposes.