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Welcome to Moscow!

М о с к в а ...К а к   м н о г о   в   э т о м   з в у к е

д л я   с е р д ц а   р у с с к о г о   с л и л о с ь .

К а к   м н о г о   в   н ё м   о т о з в а л о с ь 

Moscow... How much in this sound

for russian heart's been put together...

How much of greet from it...

MargaretZ profile picture MargaretZAugust 2013

Hello!!! I can improve your Russian!

And I would to learn English! Can you help me?)

gasoiler profile picture gasoilerDecember 2013

What does it mean "Mine is spocksfianceeforever"? 

monaokimary profile picture monaokimaryNovember 2013
Hi, I am13 years old, I try to find a girl/boy for communicate
macmah911 profile picture macmah911November 2013
Looking for a girl to date in moscow! for coffee and strolls =))
edwin123123 profile picture edwin123123October 2013
Ojala encuentre a gente que me ayude a aprender ruso...puedo enseñar Español
Blackhole profile picture BlackholeNovember 2013
I want to make new friends.
If you learn Russian language, I can help you. I ll do my best)
Pyaepyo profile picture PyaepyoNovember 2013
Привет Я хочу говорить порусски свободно.Кто нибудь поможет мне ?