All LANGUAGES exchange in Moscow

Event description

  • Date: Nov 04, 2007
  • Time: 14:00
  • Address: Address visible for attendees




For all the Polyglot Members who are interested in a language exchange gathering. The idea is to propose a reunion to speak as many foreign languages as possible. Please REGISTER HERE if you are interested =)
Don't forget to bring you photo camera and post pictures here !! :-)


Address: óë. Âåðõíÿÿ Ðàäèùåâñêÿ ä.21 / Upper Radischevskaya street, 21



IF PROBLEM CALL ALEX ON HIS MOBILE PHONE (you will receive his number in your polyglot mailbox)

Cafe phone number: +7 (495) 915-10-16

To get there? Get Taganskaya (circle) metro station, the *only* exit up there, so there would not be any problem. When you're out on the street - make 20 steps ahead - & you'll see the cafe right in front of you.

See you all there!

Upper Radischevskaya street, 21, Moscow

They talk about us!

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vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2007
Just to remind you about the other meeting coming up soon !!
AssESSoR profile picture AssESSoRNovember 2007
People, hallou everybody!

The announcement about the next meeting it to be posted soon, keep an eye on Moscow meetings section

Preliminary info: Nov. the 18th, 16-00 (4pm), the same cafe...


Have a look at this arrangements:

cristipas profile picture cristipasNovember 2007

Hi All,

I've joined "accidentally" to this meeting but definitelly it was a positive experience and i'm looking forward for next ones.
I liked the atmosphere and also people were amazing.  Way to go )



crushfox profile picture crushfoxNovember 2007

Yes, i've told them that i participated at every meeting i could when i was in Paris & i also dicribed how it could work out,including dividing in to several groups and also changing places/seats from  time to time   i even told them about Jean-Pierre & his super Quizs   hihi

everything will work out   we just need some time   (& yup still nothing would change my ParisClubLove -) )

Maria *the PaRIs cLUb lOvER*

vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2007
Hey your signatures is still so CUUUTE Maria *the PaRIs cLUb lOvER*

Thanks for that feed-back!!

maybe next time it could B a good idea to choose a bar where everybody can move and talk to everybody. standing at the bar could be an idea ... that way it's easier to move and meet everybody

crushfox profile picture crushfoxNovember 2007

So, here we go

First of all i would also like to THANK ALEX 4 organizing the meeting

i liked it VERY MUCH, actually b4 coming there i thought it would be bad comparing to Paris meetings but happily i was wrong(!)

I guess there was about 15 people.. at least when i came there at 14h. sometimes people did not know what to talk about so just in case i'll prepare some themes 4 our NEXT meeting (that's not a probleme 4 me. I hope that everybody else liked it too & will come next week )))))))

voila 4 now

Maria *the PaRIs cLUb lOvER*

vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2007
Hey Maria,

I wish I could come to visit  -))
vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2007
Dear Alex,

thanks for having organized this meeting !!

the pictures looks good !!

how many participants were there ??

could you practice all languages ?

best of luck and long life to POLYGLOT MOSCOW