Real Talk — English speed-meetings in Moscow

Contact Anthony, he'll explain to you everything!

Hey! Are you the person who has learnt English, but don’t have enough practice? Or you’re a foreigner and still don't understand these strange Russians? :)

We know what you need. You need REAL TALK.

REAL TALK club is a group of young, enthusiastic open-minded and ENGLISH-SPEAKING guys. We meet weekly, discuss plenty of topics in pairs than play different games in English.

On our meetings you can:

✔ increase your skill in English and learn to speak fluently

✔ meet new people, find friends and adherents (not only Russian – we are often visited by foreigners and native speakers)

✔ discuss everything you are interested in

✔ spend evenings in a warm friendly atmosphere

If your English level is INTERMEDIATE, UPPER-INTERMEDIATE and ADVANCED, these meetings are for you:

- every Wednesday, 7:30 p.m. ONLINE ON ZOOM

- every Friday, 7:30 p.m. ONLINE ON ZOOM

- every Sunday, 4:00 p.m. ONLINE ON ZOOM

Also, we make a special event for those who only begin to practice English (PRE-INTERMEDIATE level)! Every Sunday Native teacher from Canada is waiting for you at 2:00 p.m. on Coffee Bean (Dolgorukovskaya st, 39 / 6). Also, he is waiting for you every Friday at 19:00 on Coffee Bean (Dolgorukovskaya st, 39 / 6).

What should you do to join us? It’s very easy! Just look through our schedule, find the meeting you like and come :)

Fee for Wednesday, Friday (19:30) and Sunday (16:00) meetings is 400 rub (it is absolutely free for foreigners!).

Fee for PRE-INTERMEDIATE (Friday, 19:00 and Sunday, 14:00) with the native teacher is 600 rub (450 with membership)

You can bother Anthony, he is always ready to help! :)


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