Traditional Sunday Meeting

Good time of the day, dear Polyglots!

The next Traditional meeting will be held on the 22th of July (Sunday)!

We meet in the Café "Mou-Mou" on the Dobryninskaya metro station.

Just two steps from the metro. See you soon!    


Native speakers, fluent speakers, incorrigible learners & complete beginners are welcome

Don't forget! We're meeting this  Sunday !!! @ 16-00!

            at 16-00           

The spot is Cafe 'Mou-Mou' just two steps away from metro Dobryninskaya.

We're starting to meet at 16-00  
and let's call an end time 20-00.



For all the Polyglots - experienced and beginners - who are interested in language exchange gatheringHeavy-duty-fotocameras are welcome!! :-)

In the café, somewhere in the center...

IF LOST SOMEHOW - CALL Tatiana +7-985-257-07 - 42 

and don't forget to REGISTER HERE

They talk about us!

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Grishka profile picture GrishkaJuly 2012
Tanya_Sunny_31, thank you for organize so good meeting!!!
Waiting for new meetings!
  • vincent profile picture vincentJuly 2012
    cool!!! it looked GREAT !! what a luck Alex could be there too all the best !!
  • Tanya_Sunny_31 profile picture Tanya_Sunny_31July 2012
    Vincent, Alex came back last Saturday (21th of July)! And he visited this meeting and took some pictures of it! And Illiska also has some photos in her photocamera! I'm waiting for posting of them! The meeting was really amazing: almost 30 participants and 5 foreigners visited this event! I'm really happy! That's great!
  • vincent profile picture vincentJuly 2012
    cool!! Alex will be proud of you when he comes back from Turkey can't wait for the pix, you can upload them here if you want
  • Tanya_Sunny_31 profile picture Tanya_Sunny_31July 2012
    Grishka, this meeting was amazing! It was so good because of nice participants! Thank you so much for coming! See you next meeting!
vincent profile picture vincentJuly 2012
many registered ! big success