Traditional Meeting. SUNDAYs. - Mou-Mou!

Event description

  • Datum: Dec 08, 2013
  • Tyd: 16:00
  • Adres: Sigbare adres vir bywoners
  • Couchsurfing
  • Telefoon nommer: +7-909-9999-765

Good time of the day, dear Polyglots!
The next Traditional meeting will be held on the 8th of December (Sunday)!

We meet in the Café "Mou-Mou" on the Dobryninskaya metro station.
Just two steps from the metro.

See you soon!   


Native speakers,
fluent speakers,
incorrigible learners & complete beginners are welcome


Don't forget! We're meeting this  Sunday !!! @ 16-00!

            at 16-00           

The spot is Cafe 'Mou-Mou' just two steps away from metro Dobryninskaya.

We're starting to meet at 16-00
and let's call an end time 20-00.



For all the Polyglots - experienced and beginners -
who are interested in language exchange gathering.

Heavy-duty-fotocameras are welcome!! :-)


In the café, somewhere in the center...

CALL Alexander

and don't forget to  REGISTER HERE


Hulle praat oor ons!

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Vitaly77 profile picture Vitaly77December 2013
How many people was at your meeting last time? And why Sunday, this day of the week more of potential members is busy at home stuff. If it would be the working day in the time after work, something about six p.m., it would be more comfortable. It's my personal opinion of course, but I beleive it can bring more members
  • AssESSoR profile picture AssESSoRDecember 2013
    Hi, Vitaly77! Thank you for your comments and suggestions! Actually some time ago we had meetings on Sunday & Thursday and they happened every week. Recently the meetings were not regular but I'm trying to improve the situation. Recently it happened to have meetings of 5-10 persons. With proper regularity it's possible to have 3-4 times more participants ;-)
vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2013
Have fun !!
Roman_Kulepetov profile picture Roman_KulepetovJuly 2012
How I can join your meeting. I can tell our something about Russian movie history if you like.
Lavri profile picture LavriFebruary 2012
How many foreigners do usually come on this event?
AssESSoR profile picture AssESSoRFebruary 2012
True =)
We meet Sunday! 19th Feb. ;-)
Anna_RF profile picture Anna_RFFebruary 2012

18 feb. - this is a saturday))