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lisenka27 profile picture lisenka27January 2020

а есть подобные мероприятия в других городах России. Я из Челябинска.

PavelSh profile picture PavelShNovember 2019
I want to study English, I know Russian
_Greyhound_ profile picture _Greyhound_August 2019
Hello. My name's Vitaly. I'm a literate Russian native speaker looking forward to either improving my English or learning any other new languages. Contact me here or on my VK account:
Alexqc1990 profile picture Alexqc1990June 2019
Hello. I want to practice Russian in exchange for English or Spanish. Please call me on my Skype account.
Giovanni-1 profile picture Giovanni-1May 2017

Hi, I want to learn russian and I can teach English or Italian that is my native language. I live in moscow 

  • HiHi94 profile picture HiHi94April 2019
    hi! i am study English and I would like to talk with native speakers) i can help you with Russian too)
YoBlackBlack profile picture YoBlackBlackMarch 2013
Hello everyone. = Здравствуйте.

My name is Black. = Меня зовут Черный.

I am from the USA. = Я из США.

My native language is American-English. = Мой родной язык Американский-Английский.

My native language is American-English. = Мой родной язык Американский-Английский.

I teach the American-English language. = Я учу американо-английского языка.

Nice to meet you. = Очень приятно познакомиться.

Thank you very much. = Большое Вам спасибо.

Have a nice day. = Приятного вам дня. Take care. = Берегите себя. Goodbye. = До свидания.

Peacefully Respectfully, Per. Mister. Black. = Мирно Почтитением, С. Мистер Черный.

  • tatiana_ma4 profile picture tatiana_ma4October 2018
    Proper names are not usually translated. So you are Мистер Блэк not Мистер Черный