Mundo Lingo Language Social

Mundo Lingo Language Socials.

Who We Are
We´re a group of people from a variety of different countries that meet once a week to meet new people and practice speaking another language.

How it Works
We have little flag stickers from over 100 countries / regions. The first flag is your native language and goes at the top. The rest follow in order or ability. It's open to all nationalities and languages and you can talk about anything you like. You don´t have to be an advanced speaker, or even speak a second language - it's for all levels!

The Bar
We're on the main area (left entrance) at the 2nd Floor, once you are there just ask for Mundo Lingo or search for the table with the flags and tell us which languages you speak, we'll get you started.

The Reception is from 8pm - 10pm.
It is not obligatory to arrive at this time but it's highly recommended especially if you're new.

Find us:
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Everywhere: #MundoLingo