This meeting is for exchange language, talking, laughing and enjoy a delicious coffe :). More later we could play some gameboards or read a book as you wish. This meeting is free just if you want buy your coffe. Please if you want to attend just check the place we still haven't found a good place so we'll be changing the places to find a good one

Remember this is not an language class so dont expect the organizer make all, to improve your language is really good every time you prepare a something to talk with your partner ..If you have some gameboards english activities or games or ideas it would be great ..

These event will be wednesday and friday. .

I hope you enjoy it.

See you later.

Sergio: 1 55 4560 1842

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Vemem profile picture VememFebruary 2020
Hola! Soy nueva, espero conocerlos en la próxima reunión
fb_1530234619 profile picture fb_1530234619April 2019
para abril 3 en angulo 13 https://goo.gl/maps/pGueytdJSey cuando tengan una duda mandenme mensaje ya que esta red no la uso mucho
Valenbejar profile picture ValenbejarOctober 2018
Ahora en expresssarte
Valenbejar profile picture ValenbejarOctober 2018
Ahora en café die galerie
Valenbejar profile picture ValenbejarSeptember 2018
Ahora en maco cafe
fb_1530234619 profile picture fb_1530234619September 2018
Es en mane café
Valenbejar profile picture ValenbejarAugust 2018
Now it will be in I hop
Valenbejar profile picture ValenbejarAugust 2018
pleae check this wednesday will be in Maco Café