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'Polyglotters' unite in Guadalajara

GUADALAJARA - When Maria Calderon (pastora  Browse profile in details) moved back to Guadalajara after eight years living in Paris she set up Polyglot Guadalajara to “establish new intercultural bonds by means of the practice of different languages that we speak or are in the process of learning.”

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The Polyglot Guadalajara group meets in a local bar/café once a week, usually on Thursdays. There are no fees and the age range is quite wide.

In practice that means getting a chance to chat away in a language you want to learn or improve.


The group meets in a local bar/café once a week (usually on Thursdays). Those attending can practice their language of choice, help out others learning their native language and meet new people from all over the world.

“I organized the club as a means of establishing a new social network in Guadalajara,” says 38-year-old Calderon, who speaks French as a second language and English as a third. “And to bring together Mexicans and foreigners who live here.”

The first notable feeling on attending one of the meetings is the relaxed and friendly atmosphere. You set your own conversational pace and there is no pressure at all. The amount of languages on offer is incredible but is reliant on those fluent in the language attending. The age range is wide and the most frequent topic of conversation is travel. Tales of living in different parts of the world are also popular.

  “Many are students or professionals who have studied foreign languages as a second or third language,” says Calderon. Among less common languages represented at the meetings so far are Esperanto, Hebrew and Huichol. But don’t worry, the opportunity to practice Spanish is there too. Since the group began meeting on March 26 it has become increasingly popular, bar those unfortunate two or so weeks when Guadalajara seemed to be grinding to a halt amid swine flu paranoia.

“At the first two sessions there were about 20 people and by the fourth meeting there were 40,” Calderon says.

For regular attendee Daniel Mendoza, Polyglot is a means of practicing not just English, but advancing in German and French. And, he says, it is a great way of meeting new people.

“The best thing about Polyglot is that it’s free, and you actually get to know really cool people, have a beer and spend an interesting evening instead of being at your house watching TV.”

For those living in Chapala, Ajijic or elsewhere and for whom Guadalajara on an evening is too far, why not start your own group?

Source http://guadalajarareporter.com/

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luis_david profile picture luis_david   
Hi everybody. I'm David. i really want to learn english!!! , I can help you with your spanish. send me a message and let's talk
    February 2017
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Hi! I'm Carlos and i can teach you Spanish !!, i wanna learn English ! Send me a message !
    January 2017
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Hi! I'm Hugo and I can teach you Spanish, I'd like to improve my English and learn French.
If you're interested send me a message
    January 2017
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hey, i want learn french and russian, i can teach spanish, good luck
    September 2016
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Hi, I want to practice my english. I can teach spanish in return and help you to practice
    November 2016
HectorJearim profile picture HectorJearim   
Hola, me gustaría practicar mi ingles. Puedo enseñar español y ayudar a practicarlo.
    November 2016
Angel-Dibujos profile picture Angel-Dibujos   
learning german, yes of curse
    September 2016
Angel-Dibujos profile picture Angel-Dibujos   
aprender aleman?
claro por que no
    September 2016