Online Language Exchange Starts on March 31th

Event description

  • Date: Sept 29, 2021
  • Time: 18:00
  • Link to ONLINE event: Link visible for attendees
  • Number of Attendees expected: 5
  • MAX number of attendees: 5
  • Couchsurfing
  • Facebook
  • Phone number: +524421551180

Hey, guys, our program is
-Kahoot reviewing the last vocabulary:
legal procedures, birth certificate and two words more.
5-10 Questions to get to know each other:
What quirks do you have, how often do you play sports, what's your claim to fame, and two more questions.

Moderate questions, game gal
See you soon

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BastiDutIzena profile picture BastiDutIzenaApril 2021
Hi! I’m pretty new to this website, I’m guessing this event is meant specifically to practice English?