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About meI am an enthusiast of Romance languages. My first foreign language was Italian, were I later went on to live for four years. My second best language, I think, would be English since I've been practicing it assiduously as a hobby for many years. Right after that comes French, a language I love with all my heart and use at my current work. At somewhat lower levels of competence, Spanish and Portuguese are part of my "portfolio", as well as a more recent passion, Modern Greek, which I speak at a beginner's level. Next on the list are Polish, Dutch and Norwegian. Professionally, I am a PhD student and teacher at Potsdam's university. My thesis is in "romanistics", i.e. a branch of linguistics focused on Romance languages. My interests in linguistics range from systematic linguistics to phonetics. I love languages for themselves, but also as a key to access other people's cultures and ways of living. What I like most about languages is speaking them with people, getting to know other points of view and thus broaden my horizon. Also, since I've spent time living in Italy and France, I know how hard it can be to get a foothold in a new town with a foreign language. Furthermore, I know how hard it can be to find someone to practice your language with, no matter if you're at home or abroad. Polyglot meetings are a great solution to all of these needs and are all about what I like the most.

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