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About meHello ! My name is Tom, I'm 37 and french and I believe myself to already be pretty fluent in english. The thing is, I wrote a 22 000 words text in english that I need to read at loud for it to be recorded. It's a personal project. When that recording will occure, I'd much rather be able to focus on acting and emotions than having to think about the correct word stress and pronunciation. Therefore, I'm looking for someone from either England, Canada or (more preferably) the U.S.A. with whom I could improve on the fluency of my English. My preference for an american person is not political or what-not, it's just that the english I learned (and therefore speak and write in) was from TV Shows and Movies which were nearly all from Hollywood. On the other hand, I'm native from Paris and speak a "perfect" french. I like words and idioms and discuss about it in general so I think I can offer a thorough look at french language, from uptight posh to crass slang. Whatever you're into. I'm pretty free, in general so… there's that. I live around the Buttes Chaumont and Villette parcs but I don't mind moving around for meetings. I can also do with Skype or Whatsapp, I guess… But I'd rather not since it's all about accuracy for me and I don't remember having a super clear non-interrupted non-delayed conversation over those things. I'm interested in movies, music, animation, sculpting, plebeian philosophy… probably other stuff, it's kinda late… That's about it for now. Contact me if you're interested or wanna know more. See ya !

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