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About meℂ⋆ Welcome to my profile page! ►NAME: Eda ►BIRTHDAY: 1 May ►ZODİAC SİGN: Bull ►HEIGHT: 1.63 cm ►WEIGHT: 58 kg ►EYE COLOR: Brown but hazel in the light ►PROFESSION: First aid and emergency care technician ♥ RELATIONSHIP STATUS: Single ♡ ✿ FLOWER : Rose, Hyacinth ▶️COLOR: Blue,white,red ▶STONE: Ruby, Sapphire ▶FAVORITE DISHES: Yaprak sarma,İçli köfte ▶DESSERT: Milky desserts.I don't like chocolate! ▶SMELL: I like floral scents, soil scent after rain, orange and strawberry scents. ▶SPORT: Walking,sometimes badminton ▶BOOK: Poetry books, detective novels, adventure novels, personal development books. ▶▶▶ Finally, my perspective on life: I've been a bit pessimistic lately. I want to find my lost light.My soul wants change...

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