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About meHello everyone! Feel free to ping me whenever you want and don’t be shy, I’m always looking forward to a talk. Should you have any help request, be all my guests. For clarity sake, I hope you won’t mind if I share a brief set of rules before getting started: 1) Try to be original, go beyond the usual “hello how’r u”,”good n u”. You may start with “Hello Mr Fancypants” or whatever in that line (Please note: that's just a suggestion but you don't have to! I see most of you still keep using it); 2) Don’t get offended if I take a while to reply. I usually don’t overlook messages nor ignore chat requests, with the only exception of spammers / naggers of course; 3) As above: spammers / scammers / naggers are NOT welcome. By no means. Nothing personal, just a matter of efficient time and stress managing; 4) I’m always glad to offer help, guidance and enlightenment to anyone who’s struggling to learn English, however I prevent you from expecting I’ll be holding daily classes. So please, I’d rather not to see any “pls teach me”, especially when it comes to a language I’m learning myself (e.g. German) and I’m not yet fully confident with. Having that said, feel free to ask whatever help. For instance, I will be happy to review your essays or translations. And well… I guess that’s it! Thanks for reading and enjoy the rest of the day!

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