Language Party open for everybody

EVERY WEDNESDAY from 17:00 until 22:00: Polyglot PARTY!

We wait for you in B15 Gastro Baras

Between 10 and 30 participants of all ages and nationalities (event published on several websites).

These parties are dedicated to conversations in any language: English, French, Spanish, Russian, German, Italian, Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Portuguese, Polish,  Lithuanien etc ... 

You will be able to practice your favorite languages ​​with participants from all over the world. 
At the entrance of the bar, we will give you a name tag with your name and the languages ​​you are able to speak (learn or teach). 
Then you will just start a simple conversation with the first person you meet and who share a language with you.
Do not be afraid to speak as naturally as possible: all participants are very welcoming and are very forgiving if you make mistakes. 
There is only one rule (below) should try to respect for the concept to be effective!: "We encourage you NOT to speak your native language with another member that shares the same language."

vincent profile picture vincentFebruary 2019
Is this event taking place every week ?
vincent profile picture vincentNovember 2018
Thanks for proposal