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Latvijas karogs


Latvijas kultūrvēsturiskie novadi

4 cultural and historical regions of Latvia

latvijas novadi

  • 19 댓글
vincent profile picture vincent   
Does anyone want to create a new gathering in Latvia ?
    July 2012
  • Natti09 profile picture Natti09   
    a new gathering?
      November 2016
AlexaApples profile picture AlexaApples   
Hi! I want to learn Spanish ! In return, i can help you with Russian , which is my native language, and English, since i lived in UK for 5 years. Is there anyone who can help me practice my Spanish ?)
    March 2013
  • Natti09 profile picture Natti09   
    I want to practice speakind English
      November 2016
Natti09 profile picture Natti09   
Please, Write something!
    November 2016
valter_dom profile picture valter_dom   
To Bee Or Not To Bee
    November 2016
Flordemayo profile picture Flordemayo   
Estoy buscando los amigos para practicar español
    August 2015
Kalev profile picture Kalev   

Hey guys!

It is a polyglotclub in Riga?

    July 2013
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